More than 50 years at your service

Experience, commitment and dedication are the solid base of our success.

Electra Homedes is an enterprise dedicated to the assembling of any kind of industrial electric installments, automation of processes, systems of communication and project engineering. Through more than 50 years of business, Electra Homedes has evolved and has diversified their services in different sectors as among others: water management, fodder plants, line production and sand and gravel plants. The principal objective of our business is to offer the best solution for every client adapted to their necessities to achieve high production performances, in addition to our firm premise in our method of work like the post-start assistance, so that the client feels supported in every moment.

R & D

Development of new technologies

Experience motivates us to progress creating a department which is always working researching new technologies , trying to adapt and improve these to the necessities of every client.

The study to achieve energetic savings in all the assembling’s we realize is one of the numerous important researches in this department.

Compromise between client-enterprise and dedication achieve more efficient plant, with more optimized performances , improving production and an easy maintenance

Our facilities

Electra Homedes disposes of modern and adequate facilities to be able to realize all the projects which we are presented with commodity and efficiency.


  • Clasifications of contractors of the estate.  See pdf >
  • Register of telecommunications installer’s number 679
  • Register of enterprises authorized construction’s sector of Catalonia.  See pdf >